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Music for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

classical guitarClassical Music Before, During and
After the Wedding Ceremony

Music before the marriage ceremony welcomes guests and fills them with anticipation for the joyous event they are about to witness. Processional music announces the dignified entrance of the bride and her party, and recessional music signals that the time for celebration has begun. A short, reflective piece of music just prior to the solemn ritual of the vows, or during a candle lighting or a similar ritual, focuses everyone’s attention on the bride and groom. [ Listen ]

James Baird guitarist and Barbara Wyton flutist

Music for Guests During the Cocktails Hour

Classical music creates a convivial, cool-yet-sophisticated atmosphere for your guests, friends and family as they gather awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom to the festivities. Classical guitar solo or with flute provides relaxing background music creating a festive mood that enables free conversation amongst your guests. Sound amplification is used only when necessary and just enough so that the music audible throughout. During cocktails and before dinner, light classical music with a Latin tinge is sophisticated and festive.
[ Listen ]

Quiet Music During Dinner

While guests are dining, music should provide an unobtrusive sophisticated background for conversation, not compete with it. Classical guitar creates an ambience that is a tasteful atmosphere for dining. [ Listen ]

Listen to Classical Guitar Music

Click here to listen to samples of music for weddings; music for processionals, recessionals, reflective moments, prologs and cocktails. If you don't find what you are looking for or have a special request, please contact me and I will do my utmost to fulfill your musical wishes.

Special Musical Requests

Often the bride and groom have a favorite song that is especially meaningful that they would like to have performed as part of their ceremony. Sometimes it is classical, sometimes it is traditional, and other times popular. I have accommodated requests from Mozart to Bob Marley, from to Laura Nyro to Lonestar. If it can be arranged for classical guitar in a beautiful way, I enjoy making it happen and welcome new suggestions. And on several occasions, I have played accompaniment for singers and friends of the bridal party who wished to contribute to the celebration.

"William and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful music you played at our wedding. I am so happy that I was able to hear you play and take in the music before I proceeded down the aisle. Family members took video of our ceremony, and when I listen to it I smile at the music! It was truly beautiful."

~ Nicole Smith and William Lami

"Many thanks for your beautiful music, we had many comments. You can be sure we will recommend you to anyone who's looking for a top notch guitarist."

~ Mary Volk and David Cohen

"You made it so easy! The strength of your music guided me down the aisle."

~ Ania Klukowski
Jon Scott

"Thank you for providing us with such beautiful, perfect music on our wedding day. You so patiently worked with me to make the perfect selections and all of your efforts are much appreciated. The music was exactly what we wanted and I can still hear it when I think about our big day! You are truly talented and we thank you for sharing your talent with us.

~ MaryKate and Jesse Howland

"We wanted a professional artist who played classical guitar to perform at our wedding, rather than a wedding guitarist. We got exactly what we were looking for! James is very talented! He accommodated all of our requests, but was also able to choose some of the music based on what we liked from his demos, as well as general music styles that we like."

~ Charles Patterson,
Laura Chetwind

"The music and spirit you brought to our wedding really helped make it a special day. Thank you. "

~ Lisa Yates and Lou Julianelle

"The music was exactly what we wanted and everything we hoped for.    It was perfect! "

~ Alane and Matthew Wilansky

"You were very friendly and very professional and Lisa and I appreciated the music immensely. We could not imagine it being more elegant or more beautiful than you made it."

~ Francis and Lisa Pike

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